2017 HSK/YCT Scholarship Award Ceremony

On June 15, the CIE hosted the 2017 HSK/YCT Scholarship Award Night at McCauley Chambers in the Center for Education to celebrate and recognize the success that the students have achieved in their 2016 HSK or YCT Test.

More than 250 people attended the ceremony, including students, family members, teachers, principals as well as special guests. Trustee Orville Chubb brought greetings on behalf of Edmonton Public School Board. On behalf of the superintendent, Dr. Lorne Parker, the Executive Director of EPSB, sent the congratulations to all the students for their achievement and also emphasized the importance of learning Chinese. Dr. Tian Liang, the Special Chinese Advisor of Alberta Education, Principal Karen Patterson as well as Mr. Stephen Tsang, the President of ECBEA, also made speeches to congratulate the students. Cameron MacPherson shared his thoughts on Chinese learning and HSK test as a student representative. During the ceremony, the dance team from Ross Sheppard High School performed Chinese Fan Dance and won a big applause from the audience.

This year, 76 students from grade 3 to 12 received an award. Among them, 34 award winners were from elementary schools and 42 were from junior and high schools. The winners were identified based on the results of the 2016 HSK and YCT test. All the award recipients from elementary schools were eligible to attend a one week summer camp free of charge at CIE in the first week of July, while the other winners received a gift as their scholarship.

This was the 9th year that the CIE organized such an event. After the ceremony, a reception was held and many principals, teachers and parents congratulated the success of the ceremony and expressed their appreciation for the support of CIE to the Chinese program.

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