2017 Joint Conference of Canadian Confucius Institutes

2017 Joint Conference of Canadian Confucius Institutes was held on October 30, 2017 in Regina. This conference was sponsored by Hanban and hosted by University of Regina and Confucius Institute of Regina University.

More than 40 people attended this conference, including directors and Chinese directors from different Canadian Confucius Institutes and education consuls. Hanban also sent representatives to attend the conference.

The minister of Advanced Education and the president of Regina University attended the opening ceremony of the conference and also brought greeting. The Vice President of Regina University chaired the conference and also provided a presentation at the conference.

The conference discussed some topics that related to the development of Canadian Confucius Institutes, such as the innovation, challenges and special features of the Canadian Confucius Institutes as well as the local Chinese teacher training.

During the conference, Regina University and Confucius Institute invited all the conference participants to tour the university and Confucius Institute as well as the legislature of the province of Saskatchewan.

The conference was very successful and it provided the opportunity for all Canadian Confucius Institutes to share and enhance their partnership and cooperation.

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