2019 Alberta Chinese Teacher Professional Development Day

The Confucius Institute in Edmonton and Alberta Education were working together to organize the 2019 Chinese Teacher Professional Development Day on February 15 and 16. The main purpose of this PD Day was to provide the opportunity for the Chinese teachers to learn and share their best practices on Chinese language teaching.

A round-table discussion session was held in the evening of February 15, which was attended by more that 50 Chinese teachers. During the session, Dr. Shi Jianhua from Beijing University of Language and Culture provided the presentation on the teaching and learning of Chinese phonetics and Dr. Yang Yulin from Beijing University of Language and Culture also provided the presentation through video conference on Chinese language teaching. Followed by the presentation was the discussion period. Many Chinese teachers asked the questions and shared their teaching experiences.

The opening ceremony was held in the morning of February 16. Several special guests brought greetings. They were Trustee Nathan Ip on behalf of Edmonton Public School Board, Assistant to the deputy Minister Wendy Boje on behalf of Alberta Education and Consul Fu Yunan on behalf of Chinese Consulate in Vancouver. Mr. Waldemar Riemer, director of International Education Services of Alberta Education and Mr. Norman Sieweke, Second Language Consultant of EPSB also attended the ceremony.

About 70 Chinese language teachers and professors registered for this two-day session. Among them were the special quests from China and USA and also the Chinese teachers and professors from Vancouver, Saskatchewan, Quebec and New Brunswick and Calgary.

There were three keynote speakers. They were well-known Chinese language scholars, Dr. Lu Jianming and Dr. Ma Zheng and also Dr. Iris Xu from Troy University of United States. Dr. Lu Jianming gave presentations on the language and culture relationship and Dr. Ma Zheng’s presentation was on how to be a qualified and excellent Chinese language teacher. Dr. Iris Xu gave the presentation on the current Development of Chinese language education in USA.

Followed by the keynote speeches were breakout sessions. Ten Chinese language teachers and professors shared their teaching experiences and practices during the breakout sessions.

This Chinese PD Day was very successful and many teachers expressed that the session was too short and they did not have enough. This was a great opportunity for many Chinese teachers to get together to discuss the Chinese language teaching and shared their teaching experiences. It is believed that this will help the teachers to improve their Chinese language teaching in their classrooms.

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