“A Night of Wushu & Culture”

On October 27, the Confucius Institute in Edmonton and Ji Hong Wushu & Taiji College put up a gala ‘A Night of Wushu and Cuture’ at Myer Horowitz Theater to celebrate the 10th Anniversity of CIE and the 30th Anniversary of Ji Hong Wushu & Taiji College.

The theater with 700 seats were packed and more than 200 artists and students participated in the performances. A variety of shows were welcomed and cheered by the audiences, such as Wushu, Tai Ji, Singing, Beijing Opera and Chinese folk dances as well as the poem recital by 100 elementary students from Chinese bilingual program. The organizers invited some special well-known artists to perform at the gala and they are: Wong Hongxiang – famous young Beijing Opera singer, Chloe Hurst and Paul Just – winners of the China famous singing competition program ‘Xing Guang Da Dao’, Peggy Yu – student of Beijing Opera Master Mei Baojiu and Gao Jiaming – World Queen of Tai Ji.

Many special guests were invited to attend the gala and they also brought greetings to congratulate the anniversaries of CIE and Ji Hong College. They highly recognized the contributions of these two organizations to the communities and the sharing of Chinese culture and to enhance the diversity of our society. These guests are: Ms. Michelle Draper, Board Chair of EPSB, Dr. Lorner Parker, Assistant Superintendent of EPSB, Deputy Consul General Gao Zhenting from Calgary Consulate, Federal Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi, MLA Thomas Dang, Mayor Don Iveson, councillor Bev Esslinger, Mr. Sunny Tang, President of Wushu Canada/Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations.

The organizers also received many written greetings from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Rachel Notley, Hanban, Consul General Lu Xu from Chinese Consulate in Calgary, Minister of Alberta Education, Shandong Provincial Education Department, Mayor Don Iveson, and Board Chair of EPSB Michelle Draper and EPSB Superintendent Darrel Robertson.

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