Book Donation Recognition Ceremony

The Confucius Institute in Edmonton hosted a book donation recognition ceremony on April 26 to acknowledge the contribution of Dr. Brian Evans to the Chinese library of the Confucius Institute in Edmonton. More than 50 people attended the ceremony, many of them are professors of the University of Alberta and community leaders who were Dr. Brian Evans’ former colleagues and friends.

At the ceremony, Dr. Evans’ friend, Dr. Patricia Prestwich delivered a speech about the book donation and shared memoirs of Dr. Brian Evans’ relationship to and passion for China and Chinese people as well as the local Chinese community. The Board Chair of Edmonton Public Schools, Michelle Draper, sent a written message expressing appreciation and thanks for the book donation. In memory of Dr. Brian Evans, the Confucius Institute in Edmonton presented a plaque to his family in recognition of his contribution.

We believe that all the books donated by Dr. Brian Evans will benefit our students and community members by fostering a better understanding about China and helping build a stronger relationship between China and Canada.

You may get more photos from the Gallery.

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