Celebration of Multiculturalism Day

In the past weekend, the Confucius Institute in Edmonton was invited to provide support for the celebration of Canadian Multicultural Day in city of Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton for recognizing Canada’s rich diversity and significant contributions many ethnocultural communities have made and continue to make to the development of Canada.

During the two celebrations, the CIE teachers provided Chinese traditional games and displays of Chinese traditional art such as Chinese checkers, Chinese chess, burr puzzle, Chinese Yo-yo, Chinese dough art and Chinese knots.

In addition, the CIE also organized half hour performances, including Chinese folk and classical dances, Guzheng, Er Hu, Chinese song and Tai Chi. The beautiful dances and wonderful Chinese music were well received by the audiences and had very positive comments. All the efforts of CIE to help promote multiculturalism in the communities were much appreciated.

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