Chinese Ambassador Visited the Confucius Institute in Edmonton

In the morning of October 26, the Chinese Ambassador to Canada, Mr. Lu Shaye, paid a visit to the Confucius Institute in Edmonton, along with Ms. Yang Xinyu, Minister Consul in Education, Mr. Dai Zhehua, First Secretary, Mr. Zhu Xiaozhong, Director of Public Diplomatic & News, Mr. Du Xudong, Ambassador Assistant, and Mr. Ding Dong, Third Secretary.

Trustee Nathan Ip and Dr. Lorne Parker, Executive Director of EPSB respectively represented Edmonton Public School Board and the superintendent to host the visit from the ambassador. Dr. Wei Li, the director of CIE, toured the ambassador and the other visitors around CIE library, offices, culture center and teaching classrooms as well as the photo hallway that described the CIE development and a variety of CIE activities and events.

After the tour, Ambassador Lu and visitors had a short meeting with EPSB leaders and CIE teachers and staff. Trustee Nathan Ip and Dr. Lorne Parker expressed the welcome greeting and appreciation for all the support from Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarter to enhance our Chinese program. Dr. Wei Li introduced the achievements and development of CIE made in the last 10 years. The Ambassador Lu was so impressed about what has been achieved by CIE and emphasized the important role that the CIE plays in Canada-China relationship and cross-cultural understanding. He also expressed his appreciation of the support from the local governments and EPSB to the CIE.

On behalf of Chinese Embassy, Ambassador Lu presented 100 book donation to the CIE library. Before leaving CIE, Ambassador Lu and all the visitors and EPSB leaders and CIE staff had a group picture to memorize this special visit.

Ambassador Lu and all other visitors also paid a visit to Dovercourt School that is one of Edmonton Chinese bilingual schools. The principal, Leanne Moncrieff, provided a short introduction about the school and Chinese program to the guests and then showed a few Chinese classes to the visitors. All the Chinese learning activities in the classrooms left deep impression for the ambassador and the guests.

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