Chinese Cultures at Grey Cup’s Celebration

On November 22-23, the Government of Alberta Arts Branch from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism invited CIE to offer a children’s workshop during Grey Cup Festival celebrations in downtown Edmonton.

It was the 106th Grey Cup in Canada. One week before the game, the city of Edmonton and Alberta Government offered a huge celebration in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown for anyone who wished to attend. Thousands of people and students participated in the celebration. 

The Confucius Institute in Edmonton was invited to offer Chinese cultural activities for the students and community members. Chinese dough Art, Chinese Paper Cutting and Chinese Knots were all available.

During the two-day celebration hundreds d people showed a great interest in these Chinese arts. With the help of CIE visiting teachers they learned to make dough art figures like birds, flowers and pandas, Chinese Knots like butterflies and a bracelet, as well as Paper Cutting such as “double happiness”.

Every year, Alberta Tourism invites the Confucius institute in Edmonton to participate in various events and festivals in celebration of multi-culturalism.

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