Chinese Folk Music Concert – Popular Meets Classic: Celebration of Chinese New Year

In the evening of January 27, the Chinese Folk Music Concert was held at the West End Christian Reformed Church. More than 500 people attended the concert. Among them were some special guests, MP Thomas Deng, Mr. Jordan Walker, Member of the United Conservative Party of Alberta, Dr. Wei Li, Director of the CIE and Mr. Ning Zhou, President of Edmonton Tianjin Association.

During the concert, the musicians from Toronto, Saskatoon and Edmonton presented some of the most famous Chinese classic music like A Moonlit Night on the Spring River, Horse Racing, Full Moon Gorgeous Flowers and some popular songs such as Blue and White Porcelain, Big Fish, Clouds from Homeland, featuring many traditional instruments, including Erhu, Guzheng, Yangqin, Pipa, Sheng, Xiao, Chinese flute, Hulusi, Bawu, etc. The audience was deeply toughed by the beautiful music and gave the performers warm applause.

The concert was organized by Chinese Folk Music Association of Canada, the Confucius Institute in Edmonton and Edmonton Tianjin Association in celebration of Chinese New Year.

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