CIE 2018 Fall Chinese Language and Culture Classes

The Confucius Institute in Edmonton has offered the adult Chinese language and culture classes for the community since 2009. At the beginning, only 19 people registered the Mandarin classes. But this fall the number of students reached  a record high with more than 80 students signing up for the different levels of Mandarin classes. Meanwhile, about 50 students registered the Chinese culture classes, including Erhu, Guzheng, Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Chinese Dance and Tai Chi.

Students learn Mandarin in the CIE for different purposes. Some people are going to work or study in China; some people are planning a trip to China; and some people are just interested in Chinese language and culture. In spite of different purposes, they all have a passion for learning a new language. Fred, who knew little about Mandarin at first, can now fluently talk about his favorite TV show in Mandarin after 8 years’ study in the CIE. This fall, even a family of 4 people had registered for Mandarin class as they wish to understand more Mandarin and learn more about Chinese culture as well as be well prepared for their trip to China.

The increasing number of students in the CIE shows the recognition of the role the CIE plays in promoting Chinese language and culture in the community. And it also shows that the CIE provides the quality of Chinese language and culture program. It is exciting that more and more people are interested in learning mandarin and Chinese culture.

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