CIE Hosted 11th Alberta Chinese Bridge Competition for School Students

On May 26, the Confucius Institute in Edmonton held the 11th Alberta Chinese Bridge Competition for School Students. More than 150 students participated in the contest and this year number is record high. Among them, some students were from Calgary. CIE invited 30 judges and 20 high school student volunteers to help with the competition. In addition, many local Chinese teachers and all the CIE visiting teachers volunteered their weekend time to help this event. Due to the large number of contestants and audience, the competition took place at two sites, CIE and Dovercourt School.

After nearly 3 hours of competing in the Chinese knowledge test, speech contest and talent contest, 11 students won the gold medals, 20 students won the silver medals and 25 students won the bronze medals. Also 15 students won the special awards.

The award ceremony was held at CIE and more than 300 people attended with many special guests. Among them were trustee Nathan Ip, Dr. Lorne Parker, Assistant Superintendent of EPSB, Consul Chief Yu Changxue and Consul Fu Yunan from the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver, Mr. Waldemar Riemer, Director of International Education Services of Alberta Education, and Dr. Heather Jane Au, Vice President of ECBEA. They all brought a greetings to congratulate the participants for their excellent performance during the competition. Dr. Tian Liang, Special Chinese Advisor of Alberta Education, also provided the comments and feedback on behalf of all judges.

The Chinese Bridge Competition has become a brand name and annual event to encourage the students to learn more Chinese and Chinese culture.

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