CIE Hosted A New Book Launch

On April 26, the Confucius Institute in Edmonton hosted a new book launch supported by Audrys Books and Canada China Friendship Association of Edmonton (CCFAE). This book is a translation book by Dr. Leilei Chen from University of Alberta. The orignal is an English book named “Nationalism: A Very Short Introduction” by a famous scholar Steven Grosby.

The book launch was well attended by more than 50 people. Among them were the dean of Faculty of Arts of University of Alberta, the chairman of the Department of East Asian Studies of University of Alberta.

Dr. Christopher Lupke, the chair of East Asian Studies of U of A, delivered a speech to introduce Dr. Leilei Chen and his thought on the book. As well, Ms. Chi Wenrong, the president of CCFAE, provided her reflection and comments on the book relating her understanding of ‘Nation’ and ‘Nationalism’.

At last, Dr. Leilei Chen made a speech on her book and the background of how and why she decided to translate this book.

This book provides a depth thoughts and understanding about the notion of ‘Nationalism’ and it will help people to build a mutual respectful and multicultural society around the world.

You may get more photos from the Gallery.

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