CIE Principal Delegation Trip to China

In the beginning of November, the CIE organized a visit to China for a delegation of principals. The main purpose of this visit was to enable principals to visit their partner schools in Shandong, build stronger relationships with their partner schools and develop their exchange programs. It also provides the opportunities for the principals to experience Chinese culture and to learn more about modern China.

During the visit, the delegation visited the Hanban/Headquarters of Confucius Institutes and was welcomed by Hanban leaders and officers. The principals experienced the culture display center and were very impressed. The delegates also had the opportunity to visit the Great Wall and Forbidden City.

The delegation spent two days visiting their partner schools. During the visits, the partner schools gave a warm welcome, toured their facilities and as well, had a good discussion with the Canadian principals in regard to the development of exchange program and activities.

Before leaving Shandong, Dr. Wang Tan, the deputy minister of Shandong Education Department, and other leaders met the delegates and had a good discussion, reviewing and exploring possible collaborations and partnerships between the parties. Dr. Wang Tan also hosted a banquet for the delegation.

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