CIE Received Excellent Test Center of Chinese Test

On December 10th, the Confucius Institute in Edmonton was awarded the “Excellent Test Center of Chinese Test” on the 2019 International Chinese Language Education Conference, one of seven receivers of this award.

In the past 12 years, the CIE received the “Overseas Chinese Test Center of the Year” twice. It also won the “2007-2017 Outstanding Contribution Award in Chinese Test” in 2017. These awards recognize the contributions and achievements of the CIE in promoting and organizing Chinese tests. In 2019, the CIE organized the HSK/YCT tests five times, and 1,469 people took the tests.

In order to encourage more students to learn Chinese and attend the HSK/YCT tests, the CIE set up the HSK/YCT scholarship. In 2019, 80 students from 14 schools received the scholarship for their excellent performances on HSK/YCT tests.

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