CIE successfully organized 2018 Spring HSK/YCT Tests

On May 1 and 2, the Confucius Institute in Edmonton organized the 2018 Spring HSK/YCT tests at schools. About 1300 students from 18 schools in Edmonton, Calgary and Fort McMurray wrote the tests.

In order to make the tests successful, the CIE and the school teachers and administrators put a lot of time and effort to prepare the test. On the testing days, the CIE also sent some teachers to schools helping administrate the HSK/YCT tests.

In addition, the CIE also offered the HSK/YCT tests to the public including community members and the students from universities. On March 24 and April 22, more than 30 people took the HSK and HSKK tests. On May 12 and May 19, 56 people will take the YCT and HSK tests. Most of them are from the community, universities and the schools nearby Edmonton such as Red Deer, Fort McMurray and Lethbridge.

YCT & HSK are internationally recognized standard test on Chinese language proficiency just like English TOEFL and IELTS. People can use its credentials to apply for scholarships to study in China and to provide the opportunities to find jobs. It will also help our students to build up their confidence and motivation to learn Chinese and help our teachers to improve their teaching.

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