Confucius Classroom

Confucius Classrooms: Integrated Chinese Study

The designation of a Confucius Classroom is given, upon application, to a school which teaches Chinese language. The Confucius Classroom is also partnered with a twin school in Shandong Province (the Chinese partner for the CIE). The CIE currently supports 22 Confucius Classrooms.

The Confucius Institute in Edmonton provides supports for all of its associated Confucius Classrooms including:

  • Specialized professional development for Chinese teaching staff
  • Provision of new resources to support Chinese language instruction
  • Twinning with a partner school in Shandong Province
  • Support for joint projects between the school and its partner
  • Support for HSK language assessment
  • Staff access to scholarship study in China
  • Student access to scholarships for summer study in China

Confucius Classrooms Supported by the Confucius Institute in Edmonton:


( Xuéxiào – School )

Elementary Schools

Caernarvon School
Principal: Tammy Murray
Chinese Partner: Tai’an City Experimental School

Dovercourt School
Principal: Leanne Moncrieff
Chinese Partner: Qufu Chunqiu Primary School

Kildare School
Principal: Greg Zukiwsky
Chinese Partner: Shandong Experimental Primary School

Meadowlark School
Principal: Jacqueline Pocklington
Chinese Contact: Jei Yin
Chinese Partner: Shouguang New Century School

Meyonohk School
Principal: Connie Spasiuk
Chinese Partner: Dongfang Experimental Bilingual School of Jinan

Parkallen School
Principal: Rick Gingras
Chinese Contact: Amy Wang
Chinese Partner: Jiaozhou Zhenhua Elementary School

Walter and Gladys Hill Public School
Principal: Brendan Toner
Chinese Partner: Tai’an Normal School Affiliated Elementary School


Junior High Schools

Edith Rogers School
Principal: Stacy Fysh
Chinese Contact: Jackie Chu
Chinese Partner: Binzhou Experimental School

Hillcrest School
Principal: Fred Fonseca
Chinese Contact: Justin Hume
Chinese Partner: Middle School of Tai Shan College

Londonderry School
Principal: Ed Charpentier
Chinese Contact: Sandra Sun-Ritson
Chinese Partner: Experimental Junior High School of Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone

Ottewell School
Principal: Mike Morison
Chinese Contact: Dr. Mianmian Xie
Chinese Partner: Affiliated Middle School of Jining Institute

Parkview School
Principal: Joanne Aldridge
Chinese Contact: Long Mu
Chinese Partner: Jinan Foreign Language School

Riverbend School
Principal: Dan Beharry
Chinese Contact: Chun Zhao

Rosslyn School
Principal: Tammy Tchir
Chinese Contact: Jian Qin
Chinese Partner: Qingdao Yucai Middle School


High Schools

Lillian Osborne School
Principal: Bryan Radmanovich
Chinese Contact: Sherry Wang
Chinese Partner: Taishan Foreign Language School

McNally School
Principal: Dr. Lisa Wright
Chinese Contact: Joanne Wong
Chinese Partner: Yantai No. 2 Middle School

M.E. LaZerte School
Principal: Kim Backs
Chinese Contact: Ji Xu
Chinese Partner: Qingdao No. 2 High School

Paul Kane High School
Principal: Erin Steele
Chinese Contact: Ka Wai Fong

Ross Sheppard School
Principal: Rick Stanley
Chinese Contact: Jenny Li-Mitra
Chinese Partner: Shandong Experimental High School

Queen Elizabeth School
Principal: Sue Bell
Chinese Partner: Weifeng No. 1 Middle School

Centre High Campus
Principal: Dean Michailides
Chinese Contact: Kathy Gu
Chinese Partner: Jiaozhou  No. 1 Middle School

École La Vérendrye (k-12)
Principal: Sandrine Coronat
Chinese Partner: Linyi University Affiliated Middle School