EPSB Trustees Visit the CIE

Trustee Visited CIE

On April 16, the CIE was honoured to host a visit from 7 trustees of the Edmonton Public School Board.  Board Chair Sarah Hoffman, Vice Chair Michael Janz, Trustee Ray Martin, Trustee Michelle Draper, Trustee Sherry Adams, Trustee Nathan Ip and Trustee Orville Chubb toured the CIE facility and received a presentation of the work being done.
The trustees met all CIE staff and spoke with the six visiting teachers from China. Trustees expressed their appreciation for the work the visiting teachers are doing to support Chinese language and culture learning in the school district. They were impressed with all the resources the CIE library has to help support the school language and culture program, as well as the community at large.

The Trustees were presented with an introduction to the work of the Confucius Institute in Edmonton presented by Stuart Wachowicz, chair of the CIE board of director and advisory board. This provided an opportunity for  Trustees to get to know more about the CIE and the work being done to support the community and district schools. A number of questions were then asked by Trustees, which led to a good discussion.

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