Kildare Students Had a Great Culture Day at CIE

On June 22, the Confucius Institute received a group of 65 students and 4 teachers from Kildare School for a Chinese Cultural Experience Day as their year end fieldtrip.

After a brief introduction about the CIE by Dr. Wei Li, the director of CIE, the CIE teachers provided the students with a variety of Chinese cultural activities, such as ping pong, Chinese checkers, Chinese Yo-yo and Chinese painting. All the students were working hard on painting the fish, serving and returning ping pong ball, and keeping the Yo-yo spinning. They had a great culture day at CIE.

Last year, the CIE hosted the Culture Day for Kildare students for the first time. It was so enjoyed by the students that they came back again. The teachers and the students all hoped that they will be able to come back every year.

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