Culture Support


Again this year the Confucius Institute in Edmonton is pleased to provide expert instruction in a number of areas which can support curriculum and expose students to traditional skills which represent national cultural treasures of China. Last year the CIE served over 9000 students.

All programs are available at no cost to EPSB schools, and on a cost recovery basis to all other schools and community organizations
Bookings can now be made for the 2016/17 school year.

Sessions can be during the day for students. Sessions are available after school or in the evening for teachers or interested community members.

Day sessions at the CIE’s location can be booked for larger groups and half or full day sessions.



( Zhīchí – Support )

Please make bookings by contacting:

Brenda Chan: Administrative Assistant (780) 970-5233 or E-mail:

The program descriptions, (below) describe sessions that can support student classrooms where the teachers are wishing to expose students to Chinese cultural experiences, or even cultivate interest in starting Chinese language.

What we would ask, is that you make known to us as soon as possible what your needs are so support can be booked when most convenient for your school.

Please indicate in your request the following:

  • Type of activity or program requested
  • Number of students to be involved, including grade level, and subject area
  • Time period for support (e.g. am or pm, after school, noon hour)
  • Length of time commitment (1 week residency or number of sessions, etc)
  • Name of the contact person at your school and contact information

We will try our best to meet your request as our schedules are developed.


Tai Chi

Ms. Du Jinjin

Tai Chi is a traditional form of Chinese exercise patterned after a martial arts form, and is integral to ancient and modern Chinese culture. It is a popular and demanding exercise regimen, enhancing strength, muscular discipline and coordination. It is available in two levels with the initial level supporting elements of the Physical Education curriculum as well as Health and Wellness.

Traditional Chinese Painting

 Ms. JING Tianjie

Traditional Chinese painting with water colour and/or ink is one of the most recognizable elements of China, both ancient and modern. The sessions introduce participants to the key elements, media and techniques of traditional Chinese painting.

Dough Art

Ms. ZHOU Xiao

Dough Art is a beautiful art form dating from the Tang Dynasty AD 600.  Students become oriented to this ancient form, the creation of the special dough and its use in fashioning delicate and beautiful and enduring art.


Ms. ZHOU Xiao

Calligraphy is an ancient art of writing Chinese characters. There are several forms, all of which consider the story and meaning of the character. This is a rich experience in learning Chinese culture and a popular Chinese art form.

Traditional Chinese Paper Cutting  & Knots

Mr. Ren Changyuan, Ms. JING Tianjie

An ancient and beautiful art form in which designs and drawings are converted into paper cuts, through folding and cutting techniques. The art form is closely associated with Chinese legends and history and can add an additional medium for an art class. Chinese knots or knotting are commonly seen, and are integral to Chinese culture.  This is an ancient practice that forms a common part of Chinese artistic design to this very day.

Mandarin Language for Beginners

Mr. HU Zhiguang, Mr. REN Changyuan, Ms. JING Tianjie, Ms. ZHOU Xiao, Ms. LIU Zhiyu

Mandarin language for staff members, parents or relatives of students in the Mandarin Bilingual program. The sessions are for parents with no Chinese language skill or those who have a Cantonese background. This will provide the participant with introductory skills and a basic understanding of Mandarin. Exposure sessions for students are also available.

Developing Oral Mandarin

Mr. HU Zhiguang, Mr. REN Changyuan, Ms. JING Tianjie, Ms. ZHOU Xiao, Ms. LIU Zhiyu

Sessions are available for those who already have a partial knowledge of Mandarin, to improve oral Mandarin skills through a variety of spoken activities.