Reading Suggestions

Tian Dee Panda: Chinese Teaching Materials

By Lilly Cheng

IMG_0927The series features stories about a pair of twin pandas named Tiantian and Deedee. In China, Tian represents yang, which means masculinity; Dee represents yin, which means femininity. In this series, Tiantian is the male panda, while Deedee is the female panda. These twin pandas are magical pandas. Tiantian has a magic brush. The paintings he draws can become real life objects. Deedee has a magic flute. Her magic flute lets her communicate with anyone in the world. The lovely lives of Tiantian and Deedee is the theme of our series for teaching Chinese.The series integrates the factors of Chinese culture and Chinese language, intercultural language teaching theories based on western and eastern learning, and Chinese culture and Chinese language through existing local knowledge.–

In Chinese and pinyin.


( Yuèdú – Reading )


Chinese Artists in Painting & Calligraphy

By Counselor’s Office of the State Council


Monthly journal with focus on Chinese ancient and contemporary painting and calligraphy. Issues feature essays on famous artists, art history, artist classroom, and critical commentary on exhibitions and works.

In Chinese.

The Summer Palace (Documentary)



This is a series telling history of China imperial garden.

The Summer Palace boasts an accurate, fine and profound interpretation of the art, culture and historical implications of the last royal garden of China. The birth, destruction and reconstruction of the royal garden, reflects the decline of Qing Dynasty from its vertex.

The series is produced with the help of the most advanced high-end digital technology. The crew produced a series of landscape shots during different seasons, with their footprints reaching to every corner of the garden. The documentary faithfully and completely pictured the changes of views and lighting effectss during the four seasons. Vivid details brings highly visual shock to the audience.–

In Mandarin, English with simplified Chinese, English subtitles

The Guillotines (Movie)

By Andrew Lau


During the Manchurian-ruled Qing Dynasty, Emperor Yong Zheng established a secret assassination squad known as the Guillotines to eliminate all who opposed him. Once heavily favored by the Emperor, the Guillotines are deemed expendable once Emperor Qian Long ascends to the throne and adopts Western ideas and technology. To consolidate his power under a new regime, the Emperor continues to use the Guillotines to persecute the conquered Han Chinese in a reign of terror and oppression.

In Mandarin and Cantonese with optional subtitles in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English.

Thomas & Friends

By Gullane (Thomas) LLC


Readers follow their favorite characters through various scenes, while searching for hard-to-find clues, characters and/or items. Also includes more challenges in the back of the book. Includes full-color illustrations, activities and challenges.

In Chinese.

Chinese Festival Tales

By Daier Zhan


Presents background information, related tales, and activities for celebrating traditional Chinese festivals–Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival, Qing Ming, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Moon Festival, et al.

In Chinese and pinyin.

To Live

By Hua Yu


To Live is a 1993 novel by Chinese novelist Yu Hua. It describes the struggles endured by the son of a wealthy land-owner after the Revolution fundamentally alters the nature of Chinese society. The contrast between his pre-revolutionary status as a selfish fool who (literally) travels on the shoulders of the downtrodden and his post-revolutionary status as a persecuted peasant are stark.–

In Chinese.

Moment in Peking (TV Series)

By Zi’en Zhang


Moment in Peking is a 2005 Chinese television series produced by CCTV. It is adapted from the novel Moment in Peking by Lin Yutang, who was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 1940 and 1950.–

In Mandarin with simplified Chinese subtitles.

Journey to the West (Television Animated Cartoon Serials)



The 52 Television Animated Cartoon Series adapted from the same title classic novel.

This lively fantasy relates the amazing adventures of the priest Xuanzang as he travels west in search of Buddhist sutras with his three disciples, the irreverent and capable Monkey, greedy Pig, and Friar Sand.–

In Chinese.

Baby Big Fair Tale

By Xuan Rou


Baby Big Fair Tale is a series of large-format picture books, with the animals pictured as fairy tale characters.

In Chinese and pinyin.

Outlaws of the Marsh

By Nai’an Shi


Far-reaching classical masterpiece for children (color drawing version).

Outlaw of the Marsh is adapted from the Chinese classic tale in simplified language. With pinyin, cartoon characters and vocalized interface, readers will enjoy reading the representative classical Chinese literature books.–

In Chinese and pinyin.

The Selected Cartoon Stories of Confucius (Books + DVDs)

By Shenzhen Cherid Film Dissemination Co., Ltd


“When you start to learn about the Chinese language and culture, you must be full of enthusiasm with the expectation for a set of textbooks that will help you not only learn about Chinese language and culture but also satisfy your curiosity about Confucius. More than 2,500 years ago when a young teacher in China taught his students the “six arts”, he already required them to aim their arrows and to hit the target to the rhythm of the music. He was the first man in China who advocated that one should learn with joy, or in his words “those who merely like what they do are not equal to those who delight in what they do”. This young teacher was no other than Confucius who later became a great thinker and educator. His life story from a poor boy to the Eternal Model Teacher is a legend that has inspired many. No matter which country you come from, no matter whether you are a beginner or have studied Chinese for some time, you are bound to be moved by the stories of Confucius in this textbook. If you come to understand Confucius’ ideas of love, uprightness, trust and benevolence for all, it is then a start upon the journey to understand China and Chinese culture.”— Authors

In Chinese and English.

This is a legend of a nation.

This is a cartoon epic that reflects the true life stories of Confucius.

The winner of Best Animated Works Prize at the first Asia Premier of the 48th audiovisual festival MIPTV in Cannes; Best Writing Prize Winner of Monkey King Award (the Best Animation Award Ceremony in China).

Hawthorn Tree Forever (Book)

By Mi Ai


Yichang municipality, Hubei province, China, early 1970s. High-school student Jingqiu is one of many educated urban youth sent to the countryside to be “re-educated” under a dictate from Chairman Mao. Jing’s father is a political prisoner somewhere in China, and her mother, a former teacher branded as a “capitalist,” is now reduced to menial work to support Jing and her two younger siblings.

When Jing arrives with a group at Xiping village in the Yangtze River’s Three Gorges region, she meets geology student Jianxin, nicknamed “Old Three,” who is the son of a high-ranking military officer, but whose mother committed suicide after being branded a “rightist.” Despite their disparate social backgrounds and a political atmosphere that forbids the relationship, Jingqiu and Jianxin fall desperately in love. But their budding romance is cut short by fate…

A sensitive and searing love story, Hawthorn Tree Forever is sure to become an instant classic.—

In Chinese.

My Practice of Architecture in China (Book)

By Francesco Scolozzi


“This book constitutes the description of my impression, feelings, and understanding of Chinese culture. The years in China have been the most rewarding experience of my life …… I had always felt compelled to put into practice the ideas I was taught while studying at Harvard, as well as the ideas I experienced during my studies of architecture in Florence, Italy and the ideas that hit me while visiting the old medieval towns.

China became the place I put into practice all these things. This has been a dream come true. I am happy about my contributions to the Chinese community, because in a sense, China doesn’t just belong to China; it belongs to the world, to all of us alike.

The most rewarding experience for me is that I have been able to contribute to China’s renaissance. China, I think, is open to the future. It will become an example for other nations.”—Postscript

In English.

Teeny Baby Posters

By Jia He


This set consists of 6 poster books, including colors, shapes, sounds, time, symbols, etc. The set is suitable for young readers under the age of 6.

In Chinese.

Baby Chinese Stories for Preschoolers

By Mingxiao Sun


The series consists of 14 books, covering some classic Chinese fables, myths and idioms, including Handan Toddler, Chang’e Flying to the Moon, Playing the Lute to a Cow, etc. The series is suitable for young readers under the age of 12.

In Chinese and pinyin.

Three Hundred Tang Poems

By Yu’er Cartoon Studio


In Chinese literature, the Tang period (618-907) is considered the golden age of Chinese poetry. The selection of 300 Tang poems features full illustration. A DVD in Mandarin Chinese is included.

In Chinese and pinyin.

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (VCDs)

By Creative Power Entertaining


The Chinese animated television series tell stories about a group of the goats, who live happily in a very comfortable grass land, and Big Big Wolf and his wife, who are waiting in the forest across the river for a chance to eat them.—

In Chinese with Chinese subtitle.


 New China in Her First 60 Years (DVD)

By the Bureau for External Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture, P. R. China


“According to traditional Chinese culture, every 60 years is regarded as a cycle, and a reincarnation is realized in a cycle of 60 years. Since the declaration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, New China, thanks to the unremitting efforts of several generations, has not only broken away from its difficult situation with a backward economy and material deprivation, but also solved the problem of food and clothing for the most populous country in the world. Moreover, after adopting the policy of reform and opening up to the outside world, China has made breakthroughs in economic and social development one after another. At the same time, the quintessence of traditional culture of China, which is marching towards modernization, has been constantly remade anew, and Eastern wisdom with a history of thousands of years have been blended with vigorous modern life. In her first 60 years, China has realized a historical leap.”—Container

In Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese.

Nanjing Yunjin Brocade (DVD)

By the Bureau for External Cultural Relations, Ministry of Culture, P. R. China


“The Chinese character “锦” (brocade), consists of two parts, “金” (gold) and “帛” (silk), and refers to the most luxurious and valuable fabric in ancient China. Brocade produced in Nanjing is famous for its beautiful cloud-like patterns, hence its name. Light and thin cloud-pattern brocade merges picturesque landscapes and the profound culture of Nanjing, an ancient Chinese city, and reflects the marvelous concepts and painstaking work of numerous artisans. With soft and tough mulberry silk, flexible peacock feathers and precious gold and silver threads, artisans produce beautiful brocade on a loom, which has an unusual shape, a complicated structure and meticulous technique. The weaving technique for Nanjing Yunjin Brocade was included on the China National Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2006.”—Container

In Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Portuguese.

Love for Life (Movie)

Directed by Changwei Gu


“Once there was a village called ‘Goddess Temple’, high up in the mountains.

Once there was a fever that the world called AIDS. It snuck into our village softly and everyone who got it died like falling leaves.”

The peacefulness of a rural village has been disrupted by an outbreak of a disease, which the locals call ‘a fever’. Villagers learn very quickly that there is no cure for the disease and refuse to have anything to do with the infected. Lao Zhuzhu is a teacher at the now-abandoned village school and the father of Zhao Qiquan, the blood merchant responsible for causing the outbreak. He decides to make amendments to the villagers on behalf of his unrepentant son by inviting all the infected villagers, including his younger son, Zhao Deyi, to live with him at the village school, where they will look after one another.—

In Chinese with Chinese subtitles.

Beijing Love Story (TV Series)

Directed by Sicheng Chen


The story about a group of young people’s life in Beijing. How they fight for their life. What are their altitude towards love and friendship.—

In Chinese, English, French and Hausa with Chinese and English subtitles.

My little Chinese Story Books

By Victor Siye Bao, Fanjing Zeng



The Series My Little Chinese Story Books consists of 40 books, each with an interesting story about school life or a topic learnt at school. The books are written in most simple language and have colourful pictures, which help readers to understand the story. Exercises are provided by the end of each volume to reinforce the learning. The series is suitable for young readers under the age of 12. A CD-ROM in Mandarin Chinese is included for each book.—

In Chinese and pinyin.

Naughty Boy Ma Xiaotiao Series

By Hongying Yang


It is a series of children’s books written by Chinese author Hongying Yang, first published in 2003. The books revolve around the main protagonist Ma Xiaotiao, a student studying in a normal Primary school in China. The plots mainly feature special events or stories about him and his friends, be it at home, in school, or anywhere else.

Ma Xiaotiao is typically considered the troublemaker in class. He is playful, will only do what he likes and is unwilling to study, which gets him into trouble easily with his form teacher and the class monitor. However, Mo is generally a very sociable person; he is honest, trustworthy, helpful and has an avid imagination. The series is suitable for junior high school students.—’s_Mischief

In Chinese.