News and Events

Support to Women’s Day

On October 19. 2014, St. Pauls United Church held the annual celebration of Women’s Day. The CIE was invited to provide a workshop on Chinese knots. Chinese Knots are one of the Chinese traditional handcrafts, which symbolizes good fortune and… [more]

School Culture Sessions

The Confucius Institute provides free Chinese culture workshops and sessions to schools. Every year, the CIE teachers visit more than 35 schools to provide a variety of Chinese culture sessions, including, Chinese dough art, paper cutting, Chinese knots, calligraphy, Chinese… [more]

Chinese Dough Art at Edmonton Senior Care Center

The Confucius Institute was invited to provide the Chinese cultural support to Edmonton Chinatown Senior Care Center on the occasion of their 10th Anniversary celebration. Three teachers from the Confucius Institute participated in this event and they displayed the Chinese… [more]

Chinese Story Reading

During Reading Week, teachers from the CIE were invited to go to schools to read Chinese stories for the students. Kathy Guo and Steven Sun went to Kildare School and did the Chinese stories to lower grades as well as… [more]

CIE Open House

op September 27 is the 10th Anniversary of founding of Confcuius Institute initiative and is the occasion this year of the first global Confcuius Institute Day. It also coincided with Alberta Culture Day. This special occasion was celebrated in more than… [more]