School Tour Performance from Five Chinese Musicians from Toronto

After a heavy snow hit Edmonton and left Edmontonians feeling chilly, five Chinese musicians from Toronto brought warm Chinese music to three Confucius classrooms on January 26. More than 1000 students and teachers from Meadowlark School Confucius Classroom, Kildare School Confucius Classroom, Londonderry School Confucius Classroom, Meyonohk School Confucius Classroom and Carnarvon School Confucius Classroom watched the performance.

During an one-hour performance at each school, the musicians showcased a variety of Chinese music instrumental like Erhu, Guzheng, Yangqin, Pipa, Sheng, Hulusi and Chinese flute. The students and teachers were so amazed by the Chinese classic music and wonderful skills from the musicians as well as the instruments themselves.

The five musicians were invited to Edmonton to perform at the Chinese Folk Music Concert. As one of the organizers, the CIE organized the performances to schools to provide students the opportunity to have a better understanding of Chinese music and culture as well as to celebrate Chinese New Year.

After performing at schools, these musicians also paid a visit to the CIE. They all were impressed by the development and achievements of the CIE.

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