The 12th Alberta Chinese Bridge Competition for School Students

The 12th Alberta Chinese Bridge Competition for School Students was held on May 25, 2019. More than 130 students registered for the competition including 12 students from Calgary. Due to the large number of participants, there were two competition sites – one at the Confucius Institute in Edmonton and the second at Dovercourt School.

The theme for the competition this year was “My Story of Learning Chinese”. The contestants shared their personal Chinese learning experiences in a two-minute speech and some of the stories were quite moving and exciting. In addition to the speech competition, the contestants also competed on their talents, displayed through a variety of performances related to Chinese culture. These performances included dancing, singing, Gongfu, musical instruments and Chinese calligraphy. The contestants also competed in a written test on their knowledge of China and Chinese culture.

Through this competition, the students not only improved their Chinese language speaking ability, they also built their confidence and enhanced their talent skills.
After the competition, an award ceremony took place at the Confucius Institute. More than 400 people attended. Guests included Edmonton Public School Board Trustee Nathan Ip; Councillor Guo Jun and Consul Fu from the
Chinese Consulate in Vancouver; Managing Director Christopher Wright from Edmonton Public Schools; ECBEA President Dr. Heather-Jane Au; and also Mr. Waldemar Riemer and Dr. Liang Tian from Alberta Education. Some of the guests participated in the ceremony by bringing greetings and presenting awards to the winners. This year’s competition was another success and many parents expressed their appreciation to CIE for organizing such a wonderful event for the students.

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