The 4th CIE Movie Day

On March 2, the Confucius Institute in Edmonton held its 4th CIE Movie Day. The co-organizers for this event were Alberta Chinese Outdoor Adventure Club, Edmonton Tianjin Association, Canada-China Friendship Society of Edmonton and Edmonton Chinese Unity Association.
“Operation Red Sea” is a Chinese action war movie based on a real event in 2015 Yemeni Civil War. A commando force from the Chinese Navy intercepts terrorists and rescues Chinese citizen in Yemen. With the amazing visual effects, great cast and good story, the movie not only became one of the top grossing films in China but also won many awards from different film festivals, including the most famous China film festival the 34th Hundred Flowers Awards, 17th New York Asian Film Festival, 31st Tokyo International Film Festival and so on.
This event was very successful and the 300 seat theater was packed. Many audiences expressed their appreciation to the Confucius Institute in Edmonton for providing such an opportunity.

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