Visit from China University Delegation

On September 18, 2018, a delegation of 35 special guests from U of A paid a visit to the Confucius Institute in Edmonton. These guests are all from many different universities in China and they are attending a special training program called GALD at the University of Alberta. The purpose of the visit is for them to learn more about the Confucius Institute in Edmonton as well as Edmonton Chinese Bilingual program and Canadian education system.

The guests toured the facilities of the Confucius Institute and listened to the introduction of the institute in the morning and then visited Doversourt Chinese Bilingual School in the afternoon. During the visit, Dr. Wei Li, the director of CIE introduced the Chinese Director and CIE visiting teachers and then gave the overview of the CIE development in the past 10 years. Mrs. Leanne Moncrieff, the principal, provided the information about Chinese and English program at Dovercourt.

One of the visitors said, “I am so impressed with the CIE has excellent facilities and teachers. They have provided different levels of Chinese language classes and organized a variety of cultural activities and performances for the public. CIE has done a lot to build a bridge of friendship between Canada and China.”

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