Visit from Coquitlam Public School Board

From November 25 to 27, a delegation of 10 principals and teachers led by Mrs. Patricia Gartland, Superintendent of Coquitlam Public Schools, paid a two-day visit to the Confucius Institute in Edmonton and Edmonton Public Schools.

The purpose of the visit was to get to know more about Edmonton’s Chinese bilingual program and to share and discuss experiences and issues relating to the program.

The delegation spent a full day at the Confucius Institute in Edmonton for a sharing and discussion session. The session was attended by both teachers and principals from Edmonton Public Schools. Mr. Norman Sieweke, a Chinese Bilingual Program consultant with Edmonton Public Schools, gave a presentation on the Edmonton Chinese bilingual program which was highly received by the guests. The information and experiences shared by Edmonton Public Schools was greatly appreciated by the delegation from Coquitlam Public Schools and will hopefully be helpful to them in the further development of the Chinese bilingual program.

The sharing and discussing session covered various areas included in the Chinese bilingual program such as the curriculum, resources, assessment, teacher training and the teaching pedagogies.

The delegation also had the opportunity to visit M. E. LaZerte Senior High School, Londonderry Junior High School and Kildare Elementary School. During these visits, the delegation members had the opportunity to see actual classrooms in action. They were very impressed with achievements of the students’ achievements in the Chinese bilingual program.

The visit was a great success and of benefit to the Chinese bilingual programs in both school districts.

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