Visit to the Confucius Institute of Regina University & the Confucius Institute at Saskatchewan University

The CIE visiting Chinese teachers paid a visit to the Confucius Institute of Regina University and the Confucius Institute at Saskatchewan University between April 5th to April 8th. Twenty visiting teachers and two CIE directors, as well as the special Chinese advisor, participated in the visit. The purpose of this visit was to create an opportunity for the visiting Chinese teachers from the three Confucius Institutes to share their teaching experiences and learn from each other. In addition, it also provided the opportunity for CIE teachers to get to know about the CIs at the Regina and Saskatchewan universities. Although the main mission for these three Confucius Institutes are the same, each institute has their own special characteristics. The visit opened the teachers’ eyes and gave them a better understanding about the work at CIE.

During the visit, the CIE delegation was warmly welcomed. They had the chance to tour the facilities and university campuses, and the teachers had a chance to share their working and living experiences. The CIE delegation also had the opportunity to experience some local cultures in order to learn more about Canada.

Four days went by very fast. The CIE teachers found the visit was very meaningful and they learned a lot from it in ways that will help them to improve their teaching or working in Canada.

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