Chinese Language

Why Learn Chinese (Mandarin) in Alberta?

1. Chinese, after English, is the most widely spoken language on the earth.  Today more people are learning Chinese than are learning French, German and Spanish combined.

2. Alberta government, business and post secondary leaders recognize that proficiency in Chinese will be a significant employment asset in the future.

“Knowledge of Chinese language will allow one to understand the culture and to gain social entry into the community and be more effective in business dealings with China.” – Dr. Edy Wong: Assistant Dean, Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta

3. China is the world’s fastest growing economy and will soon be the world’s biggest market. Many economic and industrial projects are already co-invested between Albertan and Chinese interests.

“Canadians need to understand that if they wish to be part of the biggest economy in the world, the need to understand the culture and the ability to speak and read Mandarin will be essential.” Mr. Bill Smith, Businessman and former mayor of Edmonton

4. Leaning Chinese develops a knowledge and appreciation of a vibrant and captivating culture, and opens a door to international understanding.

5. Research shows that children who learn Chinese at an early age develop superior English language skill.  there is a significant body of linguistic research including quantified large scale studies that demonstrate a positive impact on first language as a result of second language learning. The research section of this website includes some of this information.

Children of all backgrounds can enter Chinese language programs and successfully learn the language. In Edmonton Public Schools all students taking Chinese sit for the international Chinese certification (HSK), at one of six levels of proficiency, with a very high rate of success. many students enter the k-12 Chinese Bilingual program, most of whom remain in the program through the high school International Baccalaureate certification. Other students may start at grade 7 or grade 10 in the Language and Culture courses. Similar programs are available in Calgary. For a listing of Bilingual schools in Edmonton see:


( Hànyǔ – Chinese )