The annual Chinese Bridge Competition is an opportunity for learners of Chinese language at all levels to demonstrate their skills in Chinese language and their understanding of Chinese culture.

The CIE participates in a series of Chinese New Year celebrations in January and February every year.

The Chinese Journal and the CIE organize the annual Chinese Writing Contest. The purpose of this contest is to encourage students and the community members to improve their Chinese writing skills and learn more about Chinese culture.

The Confucius Institute in Edmonton provides Chinese language classes and Chinese culture classes to the public, including Mandarin, Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Painting, Traditional Chinese Arts: Paper Cutting, Dough Art, Knots, Er Hu, Yangqin, Guzheng, Hulusi, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Fan, Story Reading Session for Kids.

The CIE is invited to participate in various events every year.

The CIE currently supports 22 Confucius Classrooms.

The Confucius Institute Conference is held annually by Hanban to foster cooperation and the creation of best practices amongst Confucius Institutes around the globe.

Every year the Confucius Institute in Edmonton hosts a series of events to celebrate the Confucius Institute Day. The Confucius Institute Day is a celebration of Chinese culture, language and art.

The CIE are receiving more and more delegations from China, across Canada and other countries.

Edmonton Chinese Singing Contest is an annual event organized by the CIE. The purpose is to encourage people to sing Chinese songs and learn Chinese language and culture through songs.

The Confucius Institute in Edmonton is a centre for the administration of internationally recognized testing, providing HSK, YCT and BCT tests in the spring and fall. It has also become one of the biggest Chinese testing centres in North America.

The Confucius Institute in Edmonton provides expert instruction in a number of areas which can support curriculum and expose students to traditional skills which represent national cultural treasures of China, such as Chinese dough art, calligraphy, Chinese painting, Tai Chi, Chinese dance, Chinese paper cutting, dough art, Chinese knots, etc.

The Confucius Institute in Edmonton organizes a one-week summer camp every year for those students who receive the YCT scholarship award and also the winners of Chinese Bridge Competition from elementary schools.

The CIE was established in 2007. The official opening was in 2008. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the CIE.

Confucius Institute in Edmonton successfully hosted the 3rd International Chinese Teaching Conference of Confucius Institutes and Classrooms in North America. More than 150 delegates from USA, China and across Canada attended the Conference.